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Scientists determine 4 personality types based on new data

A new study led sifted through data from more than 1.5 million questionnaire respondents and found four distinct clusters of personality types exist -- average, reserved, self-centered and role model -- challenging existing paradigms in psychology

Mechanical adaptations of bee swarms

A team of Harvard University researchers spent months shaking and rattling swarms of thousands of honeybees to better understand how bees collectively collaborate to stabilize structures in the presence of external loads such as wind and rain

3D printed cement-based materials with bioinspired design

Purdue University researchers have 3D-printed cement paste, a key ingredient of the concrete and mortar used to build various elements of infrastructure, that gets tougher under pressure like the shells of arthropods such as lobsters and beetles

Restoring tropical forest by planting tree islands

Drs. Karen Holl and Rakan Zahawi, along with Mr. Juan Abel Rosales, talk about their 14-yr study comparing planting "islands" or patches of trees with natural forest regeneration and the more standard plantation-style planting approach

A time-lapse of the Vavilov Ice Cap's collapse

In the last few years, the Vavilov Ice Cap in the Russian High Arctic has dramatically accelerated, sliding as much as 82 feet a day in 2015, according to a new multi-national, multi-institute study

Life at the edge

What makes the shelf break front such a productive and diverse part of the Northwest Atlantic Ocean?