Technology & Engineering

Technology and Engineering bridge the gap between what the mind can imagine and what the laws of nature allow. While scientists seek to discover what is not yet known, engineers apply fundamental science to design and develop new devices and systems—technology—to solve societal problems. Technological and engineering innovations then return the favor by affecting human—as well as other animal species'—the ability to control and adapt to their natural environments.

What is coding?

We asked Mark Mote, a graduate researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology's Robotarium, what is coding?

Walk this way!

National Science Foundation-funded researchers at Carnegie Mellon University developed a technique that can dramatically improve mobility for millions of people who currently use prosthetic limbs and exoskeletons to walk

Fertilizer genomics

DNA analysis reveals "kingpin" genes, master regulators in networks of genes that take up the nitrogen in fertilizer

Can a supercomputer design a super material?

Howard University professor Steven Richardson tells the story of how he earned a scholarship to Columbia University and soon found deeper truths in the mathematical universe of quantum physics.