Technology & Engineering

Technology and Engineering bridge the gap between what the mind can imagine and what the laws of nature allow. While scientists seek to discover what is not yet known, engineers apply fundamental science to design and develop new devices and systems—technology—to solve societal problems. Technological and engineering innovations then return the favor by affecting human—as well as other animal species'—the ability to control and adapt to their natural environments.

The electroadhesive clutch

Associate professor of mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon, Steve Collins, discusses the electroadhesive clutch: a slim, lightweight, and energy-efficient alternative to conventional clutches in robotics.

Computing for sustainability

Electrical and computer engineering professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Diana Marculescu, talks about computing for sustainability

Nuclear CSI

In episode 73, Jordan and Charlie investigate a new procedure for identifying individuals exposed to uranium within the past year. Scientists and homeland security experts believe these procedures could identify individuals who may be smuggling nuclear materials for criminal purposes.