Technology & Engineering

Technology and Engineering bridge the gap between what the mind can imagine and what the laws of nature allow. While scientists seek to discover what is not yet known, engineers apply fundamental science to design and develop new devices and systems—technology—to solve societal problems. Technological and engineering innovations then return the favor by affecting human—as well as other animal species'—the ability to control and adapt to their natural environments.

NSF Science Now: Episode 54

In this week's episode, we discover why some bumblebees are in peril and that some of the earliest primates were adept leapers. We also explore a new technique that can print drugs, and learn about a new app capable of detecting concussions right on the sideline

Elidah: a wearable device to improve women's health

Elidah, a small business funded by the National Science Foundation, created a medical device to help women with stress urinary incontinence -- the inability to control the urge to urinate -- a condition which impacts about 1 in 3 women

'Clothes make the cloud' in this lab

With support from the National Science Foundation, Ragib Hasan of The University of Alabama at Birmingham is retrofitting everyday objects with next generation, highly secure, personal cloud computing capability

Ferroelectret technology puts more than just pep in your step

The ferroelectret nanogenerator (FENG) device, an ultra-thin magnetic polymer film developed by Nelson Sepúlveda, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Michigan State University, is able to capture the energy generated through movement