365 Days of Astronomy

Launched in 2009 for the International Year of Astronomy, 365 Days of Astronomy expanded to include video and participation in the 2015 International Year of Light.

TACC Podcast

NSF-funded supercomputing tackles the mysteries of black holes and other space oddities

Science Friday

What should we expect from the 2018 hurricane season?

60-Second Science

Mounting evidence for another skill the Neanderthals might have shared

The Discovery Files

NSF-funded research on a treatment forecast for cancer patients to predict they will respond to chemo

WKAR Public Media

A new device that would make it easier to monitor blood pressure

People Behind the Science

Happy World Oceans Day! NSF-funded Tessa Hill discusses her research on ocean acidification and marine ecosystems

Pulse of the Planet

Research suggests that fertilizers together with nanoparticles can lead to algae blooms

The Discovery Files

Research showing that plastic trash intensifies disease for coral

DesignSafe Radio

Tsunamis, tidal waves and coastal engineering

Sustainable Nano

A new way to study the behavior of molecules that form a shell on diamond nanoparticles

The Discovery Files

Advantages of plastic, but with complete chemical recyclability

WKAR Public Media

National Science Board member and Internet pioneer Vint Cerf discusses the Internet: Past, present and future

The Academic Minute

Looking inside the guts of animals for a potential fuel of the future

The Discovery Files

NSF-funded Texas A&M team develops “injectable bandages” to heal from the inside

Big Picture Science

Harvard theoretical physicist Lisa Randall explains a theory that connects dark matter to the dinosaurs