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People Behind the Science

Adventures of the geophysicist widely known for ‘GPS meteorology,’ which uses GPS signal delays to measure atmospheric water vapor

The Discovery Files

NSF-funded research on why older adults with normal hearing still struggle to follow speech amidst background noise

The Academic Minute

Why fog collects mercury from the atmosphere and what that could mean for coastal environments

TACC Podcast

NSF-funded research combines cryo-electron microscopy with supercomputer simulations to create best model yet of a vital molecular machine

60-Second Science

Adding commuter data improves computer model for forecasting flu

The Discovery Files

Wind patterns near supercell thunderstorms can help predict whether that storm will generate a tornado

Science Today

An NSF-supported robot named Salto jumps higher and faster than any robot ever built

The Science Show

NSF-funded Joe Giaime discusses what's possible with additional LIGO detectors on Earth and in space

Provided by ABC Radio in Australia

NSF's Science Nation

Individualizing chronic disease management to help doctors diagnose and treat chronic diseases more quickly

The Discovery Files

A new NSF-funded software called "Shuffler" preempts attacks from computer hackers


The life cycle of a cellphone and the social implications of the device becoming one of our most intimate possessions

NSF's Dig This!

At first, they thought it must be a mistake. Gene sequencing reveals a surprise in the early modern human family tree

The Discovery Files

NSF-funded sonar technology that allows you to interact with mobile devices by writing or gesturing on any nearby surfaces

NSF's Weather or Not!

An array of underwater microphones catalogues the sounds of marine mammals, such as Bowhead whales and Bearded seals, near the Bering Strait

Science Update Daily

This NSF-funded materials scientist is reinventing cement one microscopic crystal at a time

The Discovery Files

How one NSF-funded researcher is dramatically increasing the yield and quality of soybeans

Pulse of the Planet

Thin film technology being developed at the NSF Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry