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The Discovery Files

NSF-funded research that could lead to new ways to make the soy plant more nematode resistant, bolstering the world's food supply

SciWorks Radio

An analog DNA circuit that can add, subtract and multiply as the molecules form and break bonds

Science Update Daily

What boosts students’ learning of physics and even leads to changes in the brain

Pulse of the Planet

Creating new plastics made from bio-based feedstocks that perform as well as traditional plastics

The Academic Minute

Why fog and not rain collects mercury from the atmosphere, and what that could mean for coastal environments

The Discovery Files

Atlantic killifish living in polluted estuaries adapt to levels of highly toxic industrial pollutants that would normally kill them

WKAR Public Media

NSF-funded Emilio Moran launches a new study to find more environmentally efficient ways to produce hydropower

Sustainable Nano

A new chemical process to make isoprene, one of the key ingredients in car tires, from biomass, such as grass or corn

Science Update Daily

Self-guided flying bat bot looks much like the real thing, with artificial joints and skin

Science Today

An NSF-supported robot named Salto jumps higher and faster than any robot ever built

The Discovery Files

Carnegie Mellon University researchers develop an algorithm that helps robots sort through clutter

People Behind the Science

What's it like to be a roboticist? NSF-funded David Remy describes how he made his choices along the way and his research improving robotic locomotion

The Science Show

NSF-funded Linda Elkins Tanton explains the 2020 mission to the Asteroid Psyche

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The Discovery Files

Identifying online behavior by linking anonymous web browsing histories with social media profiles

Big Picture Science

NSF-funded computer scientist Shawn Douglas describes nanobots that can help the human immune system destroy cancer cells

NSF's Dig This!

3-D scans of fossils now available in a virtual repository for researchers

SciWorks Radio

This accidental discovery may result in a major win-win for food and energy security