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People Behind the Science

World Meteorological Day: NSF-funded geophysicist Mike Bevis discusses his life in science and how he uses ‘GPS meteorology'

Goggles Optional

A football-field sized quantum computer, the physics of frog tongues, and more

Brain Matters

Designing video games that are fun to play but also enhance cognition

Big Picture Science

Brain Awareness Week: NSF-funded neuroscientist David Eagleman explains tech that may make our descendents foreign to us

Big Picture Science

Brain Awareness Week: NSF-funded neuroscientist David Eagleman discusses how the brain makes us who we are

The Discovery Files

Brain Awareness Week: New tech for reading signals from the brain could help people with movement disabilities

Brain Matters

Brain Awareness Week: Real-time neural engineering, memory and deep-brain stimulation

Big Picture Science

How and why moon jellyfish shift their remaining limbs to re-establish symmetry when a limb is lost

All in the Mind

NSF-funded Brad Duchaine discusses his research on face blindness, which can impair one's ability to recognize even themselves

The Discovery Files

Discovery about orange puffball sea sponges could make human-made structures tougher

The Academic Minute

Research that shows women outperform men when it comes to recognizing faces

60-Second Science

New NSF-supported material that not only reflects light, but has the power to cool

Pulse of the Planet

Why a good year for acorns foreshadows greater risk for Lyme disease a couple of years later

The Discovery Files

New NSF-funded “deep learning” method enables computers to learn about the visual world largely on their own

Living Lab on The Point

How salt marshes help mitigate the damage to our coastlines from storms and erosion