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Sci on the Fly

Best of 2018: Going above and beyond, both as an ecologist and as a science communicator

Science Blender

Best of 2018: Mentorship and the experience of being a first generation graduate student

WKAR Public Media

Fingerprint security and fake prints that could be used against you

Engineering Out Loud

Predict who among us is more susceptible to heart disease

60-Second Science

The tweeting habits of big city residents versus tweeters in smaller towns

Science Friday

The theory that massive underwater migrations of krill and other creatures could create powerful, ocean-mixing currents

Audio Abstract

The rising rates of herbicide and pesticide resistance

Big Picture Science

The possibility of microorganisms trapped in ice becoming re-animated as the ice melts

The Academic Minute

Looking inside the guts of animals for a potential fuel of the future

The Science Show

Heat from the North Atlantic hastens melt of Antarctic ice shelves

Provided by ABC Radio National in Australia

The Discovery Files

Robust neural activity related to food choice in this previously overlooked part of the brain