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Big Picture Science

What rocks reveal about the history of Earth and how that history has influenced humans

NSF's Science Nation

NSF-funded research that aims to help doctors diagnose and treat chronic diseases more quickly and accurately

The Discovery Files

Special coatings that chemically "communicate" with bacteria, telling them what to do

Living Lab on The Point

How salt marshes mitigate damage to coastlines from storms and erosion, and what salt marshes need to thrive

The Academic Minute

How fossils come to rest on mountains and why ice sheets could be vulnerable to significant retreat

Big Picture Science

How those tiny critters that live on and in us also help and protect us

The Discovery Files

New way to recover almost 100 percent of the water from highly concentrated salt solutions

60-Second Science

Furry wet suits? MIT engineering graduate student Alice Nasto discusses research on the air-trapping properties of beaver and otter fur

All in the Mind

Living with face blindness and not even being able to recognize your own face

Engineering Out Loud

NSF-funded engineers target cancerous tumors by using 3-D modeling and simulation

The Discovery Files

NSF-funded engineers develop optical fiber sensitive enough to hear the beating of heart muscle cells

Science Friday

The microbiome of clouds and the effects of atmospheric bacteria on weather and climate

60-Second Science

The pollination marketplace and how bees decide where to dine

Sustainable Nano

NSF-funded Center for Sustainable Polymers develops new way to make isoprene from biomass

The Discovery Files

NSF-funded pacemaker system able to catch 100 percent of mimicked malware attacks