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Big Biology

The powerful punch of the mantis shrimp and why we should care

The Discovery Files

Illuminating study about bird fatalities from nighttime collisions with buildings

The Science Show

How new nanomaterials bring opportunities for construction of all sizes

Provided by ABC Radio National in Australia

Sustainable Nano

The importance of green chemistry

Two Sea Fans

Mote Marine Laboratory's success with the Research Experiences for Undergraduates program

The Discovery Files

New models predict how soon firefighters on foot will reach forest fire hot spots

Catalyzing Computing

NSF-funded Suresh Venkatasubramanian discusses the impact of the Internet and algorithms on the modern world

Catalyzing Computing

NSF-funded Suresh Venkatasubramanian talks about growing up in India, career choices, and his research on algorithmic fairness

Science Friday

Croc-like creature may reveal more about the End Triassic extinction

Main Street

Using trees to estimate the risk of severe floods

The Discovery Files

NSF-funded researchers demonstrate that sweat works as well as blood for health monitoring


Researching the evolutionary history of species and how they co-exist

The Academic Minute

Increasing STEM enrollment among women and underrepresented minorities

The Discovery Files

New, simple technique to detect counterfeit medicine and food fraud

TACC Podcast

Using NSF-funded supercomputers to help design an enzyme that eats plastic bottles

Science Friday

Earth Week: What our soil reserves might look like in the next fifty years