How Solar Panels Work

When solar denizen Phrank the Photon arrives on Earth, he has a striking impact on Eddee the Exciton in this romp through solar panel dynamics by MIT graduate students Shane Yost and Jordan Chesin. But these scientist/storytellers and their colleagues at the Harvard-MIT Center for Excitonics have plans to get even more out of Phrank. Watch and see...

The Center for Excitonics is a U.S. DOE Energy Frontier Research Center. This animation was produced with assistance from Jeanne Antill and Karine Thate at the Research Communication Laboratory at the Museum of Science, directed by Carol Lynn Alpert. The work the animation refers to was recently published in Science: Congreve, D. N. and Lee, J. and Thompson, N. J. and Hontz, E. and Yost, S. R. and Reusswig, P. D. and Bahlke, M. E. and Reineke, S. and Van Voorhis, T. and Baldo, M. A.; External Quantum Efficiency Above 100% in a Singlet-Exciton-Fission-Based Organic Photovoltaic Cell, Science, 340 (6130) 334-337.

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Provided by the Museum of Science, Boston

Runtime: 3:56

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