Cyber Sickness - Virtual Bummer

With the success of movies such as "Avatar" and "Alice in Wonderland" and promises of 3D television just around the corner, 2010 might well be remembered as the year of 3D.  But while many of us enjoy 3D technology, a few among us feel the need to look away.  A number of neurological and visual conditions can cause someone to experience nausea.  It's a type of motion sickness without the motion.  Fred Bonato of St. Peter's College in Jersey City has spent years steadily tracking what he calls "cyber sickness.”  Bonato says that biologically we’re not designed to be put in situations where we experience the unnatural motion of a car, a boat, or weightlessness.  His National Science Foundation supported research indicates the sense of motion not matching our sense of vision causes our brains to think we are being poisoned.  The good news is that we can also adapt.  He believes with some "brain training,” we can teach our brains not to mistake discrepancies between motion and vision as poisoning.

Provided by the National Science Foundation

Runtime: 2:33

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