Elidah: a wearable device to improve women's health

Elidah, a small business funded by the National Science Foundation, created a medical device to help women with stress urinary incontinence -- the inability to control the urge to urinate -- a condition which impacts about 1 in 3 women. For about 20 minutes a day, women would use Elidah's noninvasive, wearable device while it delivers an electrical stimulation to tone and strengthen pelvic floor muscles and treat stress incontinence. Within six to eight weeks, the device could help women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles without the need for surgery or diapers, according to Gloria Kolb, chief executive officer and co-founder of Elidah. Elidah is supported by America's Seed Fund powered by the National Science Foundation, a nearly $200 million program that awards research and development grants to small businesses and startups, transforming scientific discovery into products and services with commercial and societal impact. To learn more, visit: https://www.elidah.com/.

Provided by National Science Foundation and Elidah

Runtime: 1:42

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