Technology & Engineering

Technology and Engineering bridge the gap between what the mind can imagine and what the laws of nature allow. While scientists seek to discover what is not yet known, engineers apply fundamental science to design and develop new devices and systems—technology—to solve societal problems. Technological and engineering innovations then return the favor by affecting human—as well as other animal species'—the ability to control and adapt to their natural environments.

EXTRA 6: Animal sounds

In this episode, Charlie and Jordan explore the zoolophone - a 3-D printed metallophone with playful animal shapes - and how it was created by optimizing shapes to control sound.

Cloud chamber research

Clouds play a crucial part in regulating climate, but precious little is actually known about clouds' inner workings and their role on Earth.

NSF Science Now: Episode 37

In this week's episode, we examine tunable prosthetics, explore origami engineering and duck-billed dinosaurs, and discover how king crabs are migrating to the warming seas off the Antarctic Peninsula. Check it out!

A better tool for minimally invasive surgery

University of Michigan (UM) engineers, in collaboration with the UM Medical School, have developed a new affordable tool technology which will make performing minimally invasive surgery easier for surgeons.

Data driven green design

The PlanIT Impact app ties together open data with 3D modeling tools to give designers a clearer picture of the resources their project will use--things like storm-water impact, water and energy usage, and greenhouse gas emissions--while they are in the design phase.