Medical Sciences

Medical Sciences advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, but they also help us prevent disease in the first place. Too numerous to name, the medical sciences continuously make miraculous breakthroughs that extend lifetimes and expand our ability to experience life.

Cell Talk

In episode 40, Charlie and Jordan demonstrate how the cells responsible for relaying information from the ear to the brain adapt to noise levels in an environment

Cell-ular reception

Sharpen your minds as the pointy pencils of "The Fast Draw" provide a primer on the awesome science and engineering behind one of the most game-changing advances in the last decade.

How do you feel? Video of your face may tell all

Researchers are developing a highly accurate, touch-free system that uses a video camera to monitor patients' vital signs just by looking at their faces. The technique isn't new, but engineering researchers are making it work under conditions that have so far stumped earlier systems.

The spectacular science of 2015

In episode 38, Charlie and Jordan highlight as many National Science Foundation-funded news stories as they can in one minute, including--but certainly not limited to--water on Mars, the woolly mammoth genome, smart band-aids and a new species of dinosaur.

Burn notice

In episode 36, Charlie and Jordan discuss the potential Band-Aid of the future.

Bite-sized robots

In episode 35, Charlie and Jordan explore new open-source medical capsule robots' hardware and software. Researchers around the globe who want to customize medical capsule robots won't have to start from scratch anymore.

Biotech's future: 3-D printed human cells

Nano3D Biosciences Inc., a small business funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, is using a magnetic 3-D bioprinting technology to re-imagine cell culture models and tissue printing engineering.