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The genetic path to biodiversity

With support from the National Science Foundation, developmental biologist Arnaud Martin and his team at George Washington University are using cutting-edge genomic techniques, such as CRISPR, to better understand how the rich stripes and swirls of a butterfly's wing take their shape

Women’s History Month: Engineer Erin Bell is designing ‘living’ bridges

Engineers at the University of New Hampshire are raising the bar on what 21st century infrastructure systems can do. With support from the National Science Foundation, they're outfitting the Memorial Bridge, which links Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to Kittery, Maine, with sensors to monitor everything from structural stability to traffic to environmental health. It will even be powered by tidal energy, a renewable energy source. They call it a 'living bridge,' and it exemplifies the future of smart, sustainable, user-centered transportation infrastructure.

Physics Of Animation

Why would a physics professor be consulting animators at DreamWorks? They'll tell you that It takes a little science to make the fantasy worlds they create look believable.

Orangutan Copy Cats

Monkey see monkey do is something we humans do well. Turns out our primate cousins the orangutan are good copy cats too - but only at certain times.

Virtual Self

What does the avatar you create as your online identity say about you? And how can that virtual personnae change who you are?

Pacific Dead Zones

Most dead zones are caused by human activity, due to river runoff and an overabundance of nutrients from land that flow into oceans, gulfs or estuaries, but the marine dead zones in the Pacific Northwest are different.