Science In Action

Science in Action delivers science news through media screens and live chats at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, this Science Today website, podcasts and monthly Nightlife programming. We gather and disseminate content through our partners, local programs, other media and Academy staff.  And you.

Summer Systematics Institute

The Summer Systematics Institute addresses critical issues such as, world-wide threats to biodiversity, the origins and diversification of life, phylogenetic systematics and evolutionary biology, which have become critical components of undergraduate education.

Local lions

Scientists are learning more about the movements of local mountain lions to understand how we can better share our California habitats.

What lives where

The Academy's Stan Blum works in Biodiversity Informatics- he documents what lives where.

How Science Works

Is science a step-by-step process? Actually, it kind of works like a pinball machine. Check it out!

Understanding Viruses

Where do these Viruses occur in nature, how many of them are there, and how do they switch into new hosts?

Cell Scope

Lightweight, mobile microscopes are not only being used in third world countries to diagnose disease, but also in classrooms to get kids excited about science.

Seismic Hazards In Haiti

Scientists explain how they predicted that Haiti could be hit by a massive earthquake just over year before their prediction proved to be true

Spiky Sight

Just because sea urchins don't have eyes, doesn't mean they can't see

Infant Galaxies

Hubble's latest image shows 13 billion-year-old infant (and still forming) galaxies.

Octopus Tool-Use

The octopus is widely regarded as the world's smartest invertebrate, and a new study adds evidence to that claim.