QUEST is an award-winning multimedia science and environment series created by KQED, San Francisco, the public media station serving Northern California. QUEST’s ultimate aim is to raise science literacy by inspiring audiences to discover and explore science and environment issues for themselves.

Engineering Fire

Fire is one of humankind's first technologies. We have been staring into the proverbial campfire for thousands of years. Yet, surprisingly there seems to be much more to learn. And now it's becoming even more important to our collective future that we know as much as we can about fire.

Megathrust Earthquakes

QUEST Northwest talks with geologists and seismologists about cutting edge research in earthquake prediction, and what it would look like if the next "Big One" hits close to home.

The Science Of Riding A Bicycle

Their basic design hasn't changed much, but scientists still don't fully understand the forces that allow humans to balance atop a bicycle.