Prized Science

Prized Science is a video series featuring the work and contributions of recipients who won ACS awards.  Watch, listen, and discover how the chemistry behind ACS’ awards transforms our lives.  Prized Science videos are available free of charge at iTunes, YouTube, and also on  DVD.  Videos are suitable for classroom use and other audiences of students and non-scientists. ACS encourages educators, schools, museums, science centers, news organizations, and others to embed links to Prized Science on their websites.

Vicki Grassian: Making sense of atmospheric dust

Vicki Grassian helps scientists better understand the complex and wide ranging behavior of dust particles. Vicki's work paints a clearer picture of atmospheric chemistry and the role particulate matter plays in the environment.

Peter Stang: Building molecules

Peter Stang is the winner of the 2013 American Chemical Society Priestley Medal, the highest honor given by ACS, for his work building new molecules via "self-assembly," an approach inspired by nature.

Peter Wolynes: Untangling Protein Folding

Peter Wolynes, winner of the 2012 ACS Award in Theoretical Chemistry, spent his career untangling the process of protein folding and discovered a process through which these chain molecules tumble into shape. His discovery may help usher in new techniques for personalized medicine and reveal how protein mutations affect the body.

New Drugs – From A Cup Of Tea

Chemist works towards the creation of new drugs using peptides that will treat the health problems of millions of people across the globe

Amazing Catalysts

This episode features Jeffery C. Bricker, Ph.D., whose pioneering work helped produce catalysts that are key ingredients in cleaner detergents and gasoline.