Changing Planet

NBC Learn, in partnership with the National Science Foundation, explores the impact that climate change is having on our planet.  From Bermuda's tropical seas to the Arctic Ocean, this 12-part series looks at places around the world where scientists are observing the dramatic impacts of climate change. For related lesson plans, visit the Windows to the Universe project at the National Earth Science Teachers Association.

Survival Of Trees

Understanding how trees of the past chose to adapt to climatic changes, Dr. Joy Ward is able to predict how trees might adapt to climatic changes in the future

Lake Temperatures

Lake ecosystems in both high and low latitudes being affected by rising water temperatures

Black Carbon

Soot from black carbon causing health and environmental concerns

Bark Beetle Outbreaks

Millions of pine trees are dying in western North America, all due to a beetle about the size of a grain of rice

Changing Planet Town Hall At Yale University

A panel of experts on climate gather at Yale University to discuss how climate change is affecting human health, economic opportunity and competitiveness and moral and religious values, as well as how young people are getting involved in finding solutions