Summer Course Helps Seismology Students Meet The Challenges Of Data-Driven Science

Two Northwestern University students went on a summer-long road trip across northern and central Illinois to knock on farmers' and landowners' doors in a search for secluded places to build seismic stations. Data from the earthquake-measuring stations already has been collected in the western half of the United States. The goal is to collect data from seismic stations across all of North America by 2013. The Northwestern student researchers plan was to identify 21 sites in Illinois by August 31, 2010. Their summer adventures are part of EarthScope, a major National Science Foundation program to measure earthquakes and study the structure and evolution of the North American continent by installing hundreds of seismometers across the United States. The study also will produce CAT scan-like images of the structures beneath the earth's crust.

Provided by Northwestern University

Runtime: 2:23

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