Scientists & engineers on sofas (and other furnishings): Ultrafast lasers and Archimedes

When it comes to ultrafast lasers, Margaret Murnane’s name is one of the best known for her work in this field of science. Since 1999, she has been a professor at the University of Colorado’s National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded JILA Physics Frontier Center, where she and her husband, Henry Kapteyn, pioneer research in ultrafast x-ray science. Additionally, the two also own a small laser company. Margaret is credited with building one of the fastest lasers ever, operating in matters of merely femtoseconds. After a lecture at the National Science Foundation on ultra-fast lasers and their applications for nano- and materials research, NSF's Ivy Kupec sat down with this well-published scientist who originates from County Limerick, Ireland to talk further about these uber speedy lasers, science and even Archimedes.

Provided by the National Science Foundation

Runtime: 6:23

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