Fighting a killer frog fungus

This video from the American Chemical Society's video series, Reactions, features a deadly disease that's causing frog species around the world to go extinct. Perhaps more than 100 species have perished since 1980 and more than 400 are suffering rapid and massive die-offs according to one estimate. Climate change, habitat loss, and invasive foreign species are among the culprits fueling the devastation. But just one is paving the path to extinction for as many as 200 frog species: A fungus known as Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis or Bd. During the past decade, researchers have made promising strides toward understanding this deadly organism, but Bd is still considered an emerging and mysterious pathogen. Researchers are now focusing on the biochemistry behind Bd infections to better protect frogs and amphibians worldwide.

Provided by the Chemical & Engineering News

Runtime: 2:22

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