A better tool for minimally invasive surgery

University of Michigan (UM) engineers, in collaboration with the UM Medical School, have developed a new affordable tool technology which will make performing minimally invasive surgery easier for surgeons. The tool, called FlexDex, acts as an extension of the surgeon's arm, allowing the doctor to control it in a natural and intuitive manner. Minimally invasive surgery, which is performed through tiny incisions on a patient's body, is preferred over traditional methods due to faster recovery times and less trauma to the patient's body. However, tools to perform this surgical method are limited to either expensive and high-functioning robots or cheaper, less-functional mechanical tools. UM mechanical engineer Shorya Awtar and pediatric surgeon Dr. James Geiger hopes that making technology like this available will encourage the adoption of minimally invasive surgery by more doctors and will bring its benefits to a larger population of patients.

Provided by the University of Michigan

Runtime: 2:32

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